Do you enjoy a good puzzle? So do we! We're a community of puzzle creators and solvers in Auburn, AL (and others who travel to join us) who plan and play regular puzzle parties and puzzle hunts, and this is our wiki.

Upcoming EventsEdit

What's this About?Edit

The goal of this wiki is to provide a central location to see information about all Auburn-area Puzzle competitions: past, present, and future. We hope to expand upon Eric Harshbarger's EPP page to also include Auburn Puzzle Party competitions and other events and puzzles of note.

Parties, Games, and EventsEdit

Following are lists of Puzzle Parties/Hunts/Potlucks and related events organized by series.

  • Eric's Puzzle Parties
    • EPP - "The 2004 Puzzle Party"
    • EPP2 - "The 2nd Puzzle Party"
    • EPP4 - "DECATHLON"
    • EPP5 - "Auburn PuzzleHunt!"
    • EPP7 - "A Most Egg-celent Puzzlehunt"
    • EPP8 - "Puzzle Marathon I"
    • EPP9 - "Puzzle Marathon II"
    • EPP10 - "The Abecedary"
    • EPP11 - "Puzzle Potluck"
    • EPP12 - "Back to Basics"
    • EPP13 - "Your Lucky Day?"
    • EPP14 - "Hatching a Devious Plan..."
    • EPP15 - "Eric's Circle of Friends"
    • EPP16 - "DeCAThlon III"
    • EPP17 - "The Joke's On You"
  • Auburn Puzzle Parties
    • APP - "Detective Agency Puzzle Hunt"
    • APP2 - "Scandal!"
    • APP3 - "Quantum Leap"
    • APP4 - "Auburn Puzzle Patrol"
    • APP5 - "Puzzle Patrol II"
    • APP6 - "PUZZLE BLITZ!"
  • Auburn Puzzle Party Potlucks
    • EPP11 - "Puzzle Potluck" (see EPPs above)
    • PP2 - Puzzle Potluck II
    • PP3 - Puzzle Potluck 3
    • PP4 - Puzzle Potluck 4
    • PP5 - Puzzle Potluck 5
    • Potluck6 - Auburn Puzzle Party Potluck 6
  • Other

The PlayersEdit

A comprehensive list of player data can be found on this page: Player data

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