APP4: Puzzle #1 - The Legion's Henchmen was the initial "run-around" puzzle for Auburn Puzzle Party 4: Auburn Puzzle Patrol.

APP4 Puzzle 1 - The Legion's Henchmen01:18

APP4 Puzzle 1 - The Legion's Henchmen

Puzzle video

In this puzzle, teams were required to run around the Lower Quad of Auburn's campus dorms, tracking down the "Henchmen" of the Enigmatic Legion. Each Henchman only trusted certain other Henchmen, creating a directed graph of trust.

The goal was to discover the four directed cycles of six henchmen who trusted each other. The first letters of their names formed a "Puzzle Patrol Badge Code" required to unlock each of four "main" puzzles from the game.

The data from this puzzle can be viewed at

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